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Last updated 09/04/18

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 Welcome to my art work - below are two examples of my latest paintings.  
Santa Maria dela Salute Dorothy and Clarissa SMOTH front
Santa Maria dela Salute at sunset Dorothy and Clarissa The first part of Paul Fisher's comical trilogy is complete

The Art Work

 I am principally a yacht designer but over the past decade and a half, I have developed my interest in art and in particular, water colour painting. I try to maintain a relaxed and fun attitude to my art work so that I do not take myself too seriously, enjoying the process of creating an image for what I learn from it rather than necessarily always aiming for something that will sell.

 Furthermore, as with my yacht and small boat design work, I fully believe that we must never stop learning – if you think you know it all then you are deluding yourself and stymying your own artwork!

 Presently, I am Chairman of the Lacock Art Group, a small group of amateur and ‘slightly less amateur’ artists in rural Wiltshire and try to engender in our weekly art sessions and exhibitions that same feeling of having fun with our art – I fully believe that having a relaxed attitude helps to improve our individual artwork. If you want to see what we do at the Lacock Art Group - our members' Gallery pages and demonstrations please go to

  I do take undertake commissions, so if you want an original water colour painting of your own boat, house etc contact him at

 Please note that Paul now has a page on Facebook for paulfisherart and a Youtube channel for his art demonstrations - see the links to the right of this page and below.

The Novels

 I was very fortunate as a teenager and later, in my work with boat building yards up in Scotland, to experience a wide and often ludicrous form of boating activities, full of the most incredible characters. I was once told that there are two ways to learn – either by being’ taught’ or by ‘experiencing’ and that the latter way, though often the most painful, was often the best way – with boats and boating, especially in my youthful years, it was definitely a case of ‘experiencing’ – in the case of that other great mystery, ‘girls’, I tried – boy did I try, but with hardly a glimmer of success! Boating, though often wetter, seemed to offer more in the way of actually achieving something!

 So, take two 14 year old boys with a love of boats and the sea, plus a growing lust for the fairer sex; throw in a small armada of beaten up and rotten river boats – mix these up with an army of characters willing to lend their worldly knowledge and experience to them and you have the making of a whole load of very wet and frustrating adventures. It’s the 1960’s, it’s the Thames and caution has not been invented – not in the minds of these two hapless idiots and anyway!

 The first part of a possible trilogy has been published and is available as a paperback, on Kindle or on a CD (in Word.doc and pdf formats) – hit the top right hand button for further details – enjoy!

 Enjoy the paintings and the site, as it grows.

Below - Youtube videos of Paul giving short fun demonstrations using water colour
05 04 03 02 01
Stretching water colour paper Using the water spray technique Using the water spray method to paint a cow - 1 Using the water spray method to paint a cow - 2 Loosen up your painting with Bob's Blobs
Painting Colourful Flamingos         
Painting Colourful Flamingos         
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List of Site Updates

  • 09/04/18 - New Youtube video added - "Painting Colourful Flamingos" plus 6 new paintings in the Boats, Venice and Animal Portrait sections of the Gallery.

  • 29/01/18 - Paul's first semi-autobigraphical novel, A Slight Mist on the Horizon is now available in 3 formats - paperback, kindle and on CD (in Word.doc and pdf formats with interactive Contents pages) - see button top right.

  • 28/01/18 - Complete revamp of site with over 50 new paintings in the Gallery section and over 50 in the Sketch Book section.

  • 27/01/18 - paulfisherart has it's own Youtube channel with a growing number of simple demonstrations involving the water spray method of painting watercolours and quick and simple paper stretching - Youtube small

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